What's the point of TPGuru?
We’re tired of searching for toilet paper on Amazon and finding only out-of-stock items and confusing descriptions that make it impossible to tell how much toilet paper you’re actually getting.

TPGuru compiles all of Amazon’s available toilet paper and allows you to sort simply by price per square foot. This way you can quickly find in stock toilet paper and get the most toilet paper for your buck—important now more than ever.

What toilet paper shows up on TPGuru?
At present, TPGuru only shows toilet paper from Amazon.com that's:
  - expected to arrive at your home within two weeks
  - marked as “new”
  - product seller has at least two ratings, and its average rating is above 50%

How does TPGuru calculate price?
The price shown includes the price of the item plus shipping. TPGuru calculates Amazon Prime products as having $0 shipping costs. If you are not a Prime member, shipping is free with a $25 minimum order.

What about Amazon Fresh and Prime Now?
TPGuru does not show Amazon Fresh and Prime Now products, as the prices and availability of these depend on your location. We suggest checking using the links below, but note that some toilet paper products are sold out, but appear to be available until you try to check out.
  - Toilet Paper on Prime Now
  - Toilet Paper on Amazon Fresh

How is price per square foot calculated?
We manually enter square footage information based on information in the product description, images, reviews, and questions. If this field is blank, it means we couldn't figure out the total area or haven't looked at it yet. Please email us if you see any data inaccuracy!

Other questions, feedback, ideas?
Email us! [email protected]